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33rd Annual Women of Achievement Awards Celebration

Join us for the 2017 YWCA Women of Achievement Awards Celebration!  

Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 5:30pm at the Radisson Plaza Hotel, in Downtown Kalamazoo

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Event Sponsor: Old National Bank


The YWCA of Kalamazoo has a rich history of honoring noteworthy area women and their accomplishments. This year the YWCA honors women in the greater Kalamazoo area with the following awards:

  • The YWCA Women of Achievement Award

  • The YWCA Young Women of Achievement Award

  • YWCA Special Honor:  Borgess Health and Bronson Healthcare, for their ongoing commitment to women’s health

We look forward to honoring a YWCA Lifetime Woman of Achievement again next year.


Five women have been selected to receive the YWCA Women of Achievement Award from nominations solicited from the community. The YWCA Women of Achievement Awards are given to women in the community who have made significant contributions within specific areas as a volunteer or in a career.

The YWCA firmly believes in the power and potential of young women in our community. The YWCA Young Women of Achievement Award recognizes young women from area high schools and organizations that have shown exemplary leadership through extracurricular activities, volunteer work, serving as a role model, and academic achievements.

2017 YWCA Women of Achievement:

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For more information, please call (269) 345-5595 or email Kellie Swikoski at kswikoski@ywcakalamazoo.org

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Nominate a Candidate
To nominate a candidate please fill out this form and send it to kswikoski@ywcakalamazoo.org or mail it to ‘YWCA Women of Achievement” 353 E. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo MI, 49007 by Friday, March 3 at 5:00pm.
Sponsor the Event

YWCA Kalamazoo invites businesses and organizations to participate as Sponsors for this annual community celebration. Levels of support with related benefits are described in this form.

Please return this form by mail fax (269) 345-8230, or email kswikoski@ywcakalamazoo.org by April 1, 2017.

Purchase Reservations

Please submit your reservations for Women of Achievement 2017 by 5:00pm on Friday, May 5. Reservations will be:

  • Individual Seat(s) at $65/Non-Member
  • Individual Seat(s) at $60/YWCA Members
  • Table(s) of 8 guests at $440/Table

To receive an invitation and/or register for the Women of Achievement Awards Celebration, please call (269) 345-5595 or email kswikoski@ywcakalamazoo.org.

Click here for a fillable pdf reservation form.

YWCA Lifetime Women of Achievement Award Past Recipients

Juanita Goodwin, 2016
Carolyn G. Alford, 2015
Anne Wend Lipsey, 2014
Ronda Stryker, 2013
Kathy B. Beauregard, 2012
Dr. Eileen B. Wilson-Oyelaran, 2011
Pat Coles-Chalmers, 2010
Dr. Martha B. Warfield, 2009
Marjorie Springgate, 2008
Sister Elizabeth (Betty) Veenhuis, 2007
Marian G. Klein, 2006
Judy Sarkozy, 2005
Mary Little Tyler, 2004
Eva L. Ozier, 2003
Barbara L. James, 2002
Suzanne Todd Shepherd, 2001
Ann V. Parfet, 2000
Anna Whitten, 1999
Hon. Carolyn H. Williams, 1998
Judith K. Maze, 1997
Dr. Marilyn J. Schlack, 1996
Jo Jacobs, 1995
Beverly A. Moore, 1994
Mary C. Brown, 1993
Caroline R. Ham, 1992
Martha G. Parfet, 1991
Gayl F. Werme, 1990
N. Lorraine Beebe, 1989
Georgia T. Dungy, 1988
Allene W. Dietrich, 1987
Elizabeth Upjohn Mason, 1986
Betty Lee Ongley, 1985

YWCA Women of Achievement Award Past Recipients

Kristi Carambula
Lynn Smith Houghton
Cindy Kole
Sam Lealofi
Karianne Thomas

Elizabeth A. Burns
Pam Kingery
Sherry Thomas-Cloud
Jan Van Der Kley

Bonnie Jo Campbell
Mary McLean
La June Montgomery Tabron
Dorothy Young

J. Baraka-Love
Margaret Merrion
Willie Mae Pierson
Heidi E. Stucki

Lola Clark Atkinson
Audrey Lipsey
Bobbe A. Luce
Alfrelynn J. Roberts
Sarah Stangl

Mary A. Doud
Mikell Thurston Griffith
Patti Huiskamp
Sylvia C. Pahl
Earlie M. Washington

Phyllis R. Buskirk
Patricia E. Dolan
Lori Moore
Pamela S. Roland

Loretta Cipkus Dubray
Tara East
Mattie Jordan-Woods

Gwendolyn Hillman
Lois Jackson
Judy Moore

Lisa A. Godfrey
Rosalie Novara
Nancy Owen
Phyllis Seabolt

Janice Brown
Sally Putney
Marie L. Stevens
Sister Elizabeth (Betty) Veenhuis

Jean Forrest
Ellen Kisinger-Rothi
Marilyn A. Potgeisser

Janet M. Dancer
Edith Gardner
Hannah McKinney
Ronda Stryker

Patricia Coles-Chalmers
Mary Carolyn Howard
Dr. Elise B. Jorgens
Alice Kemerling
Virginia E. Norton

Kathy Beauregard
Irene B. Hamilton
Deborah C. Jackson
Marcia S. Jackson