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“My work and educational experience aligns closely with the mission of spreading knowledge and information to community members, advocacy for diversity initiatives and women’s rights, along with the development of resources to enhance community member’s experience.”

Meet YWCA Kalamazoo’s new Community Educator, Demetrias Wolverton.
An Alumni of Western Michigan University, Demetrias is glad to be joining the YWCA of Kalamazoo as the new Community Educator.
Demetrias, a former educator, is a high performing, strategic-thinking collegiate professional with more than five years of experience with community based projects, budgetary, and event/program planning. He’s elated to be joining forces with such a strong influence in the community, with plans to use his adept experience while transitioning into his new role here in the Greater Kalamazoo area.
As a 2013 graduate with a BBA in Finance, along with a minor in Communication and General Business from Western Michigan University, Demetrias feels that it is important for him to have a career where he’s able to use his organizational skills along with his interpersonal skills to make a difference. Knowing that YWCA of Kalamazoo plays a vital role in the community, is a pillar for resources, has initiatives in education, and serves the community through quality programming are the primary reasons for his interest in this role.
Demetrias sees the Community Educator program as an opportunity to work in a community centered learning environment where creative approaches and strategic thinking can be used to enhance the YWCA and its initiatives.