24- hour Domestic Violence Hotline: 269-385-3587 or 24- hour Sexual Assault Hotline: 269-385-3587

Crisis and Hotline Response

The YWCA has a 24-hour crisis line covered by YWCA staff. This is typically the first step a victim/survivor takes to access the services provided by the YWCA. In addition volunteers throughout the community provide supportive services to sexual assault victims through Nurse Examiner facilities.

Where:                 Kalamazoo County
Who’s eligible:    Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors
Costs:                  Free
Contact:              (269) 385-3587

Emergency Services
If you are a victim of domestic or sexual violence and need help:

YWCA Domestic Assault Program
24 Hour Crisis Line
(269) 385-3587


YWCA Sexual Assault Program
24 Hour Crisis Line
(269) 385-3587

All Police departments in the Kalamazoo, MI Area: 911

Bronson Trauma and Emergency Care:
(269) 341-7654
Borgess Emergency and Trauma Center:
(269) 226-7000